Stay and play - Pool and playground

Wisconsin Dells Campground Pool Arcade


Come and bring the family. Enjoy our large, fenced-in, outdoor pool with plenty of seating and space to relax. Swim or relax by the water and watch your family play.

Our playground is located outside of the pool area, in the heart of the campground. Your family will have a great weekend playing and swimming in the sun.

Playground and Pool Photo Gallery

Campground Pool Rules:

1. Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open cut.
2. Do not bring food, drink, gum or tobacco into the pool.
3. Shower before entering the pool and after using the bathrooms.
4. Do not run or engage in rough activty while in the pool area.
5. Do not bring animals or pets into the pool area.
6. Diaper changing is prohibited on the pool deck.
7. Only swim diapers are allowed in the water.
8. Maxium of 40 swimmers at one time.
9. Glass items are prohibited in the pool area and deck.
10. No lifeguard on duty, swim at own risk.
11. Children ages 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

We are are a family friendly campground, inappropriate behavior or language will not be tolerated.

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